Pressure Plates

Wooden Planks or Stone

Send a redstone signal when stepped on by a player or mob.


Wooden Planks

Horizontal door activated by clicking or redstone.

Fence Gate

Wooden Planks & Sticks

Used as a gate that can be opened like a door.


Stone or Wooden Plank

Sends a short redstone signal when pressed.


Stick & Cobblestone

Sends a redstone signal that can be turned on and off.

Redstone Repeater

Stone & Redstone Torch & Redstone

Used as a repeater, diode or delayer in redstone circuits.

Redstone Torch

Stick & Redstone

Constantly sends a redstone signal.


Wooden Planks & Diamond

Used to play music discs.


Cobblestone & Bow & Redstone

Holds and shoots out items when powered.


Wooden Planks & Cobblestone & Iron Ingot & Redstone

Pushes blocks.

Sticky Piston

Piston & Slime Ball

Pushes blocks and pulls back the touching block.


Iron Ingots

Used to travel along Rail.

Powered Minecart

Minecart & Furnace

Pushes other minecarts along track using fuel.

Storage Minecart

Minecart & Chest

Used to transport blocks and items along track.


Iron Ingots & Stick

Guide for Minecarts.

Powered Rail

Gold Ingots & Stick & Redstone

Speeds up Minecarts when powered.

Detector Rail

Iron Ingots & Stone Pressure Plate & Redstone

Sends a redstone signal when crossed by a Minecart.

Redstone Lamp

Redstone & Glowstone Block

Light source when powered by redstone.

Tripwire Hook

Iron Ingot & Stick & Wooden Plank

Used to create a tripwire that activates a redstone signal.

Activator Rail

Iron Ingots & Sticks & Redstone Torch

Used to activate TNT minecarts and minecarts with hoppers.

Daylight Sensor

Glass & Nether Quartz & Wooden Slabs

Emits a redstone signal during daylight.


Cobblestone & Redstone

Drops items (similar to a dispenser) when powered.


Iron Ingots & Chest

Moves items into and out of chests, dispensers and other blocks that can hold items.

Minecart with Hopper

Hopper & Minecart

Minecart that functions in the same way as a hopper.

Minecart with TNT

TNT & Minecart

Minecart that explodes when triggered by activator rail or when hit.

Redstone Comparator

Redstone Torches & Stone & Nether Quartz

Block used in redstone circuitry.

Trapped Chest

Chest & Tripwire Hook

Chest that emits a redstone signal when opened.

Weighted Pressure Plates

Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots

Similar to regular pressure plates, but can only be activated by items. The number of items determines the signal strength.

Iron Trapdoor

Iron Ingots

Trapdoor activated by redstone.