Stone age

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Once you've crafted a pickaxe, you can successfully acquire cobblestone to make better tools. Start by finding stone in the world; it should be fairly easy, as it's extremely common. If you don't see any on the surface, dig down in a staircase fashion and mine the stone with your pickaxe; it will drop as cobblestone items. Gather enough cobblestone to upgrade your pickaxe and make a stone shovel, axe, and sword, and a furnace (the exact number of cobblestone required to make these is 17.) You can also craft a stone hoe, but it won't be useful until you start farms (explained on day two.)

  • Swords can be used to more effectively slay mobs (animals and monsters).
  • A stone pickaxe is more durable and more efficient than a wooden pickaxe. You will use it to mine stone (and other “rocky” blocks).
  • Shovels are mainly used to break dirt, grass, sand, clay, and gravel blocks quicker than by hand. They also allow for the collection of snowballs when used on snow covering grass blocks in snow biomes.
  • Axes make the process of gathering wood (and most other wooden blocks) much faster.