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Now, you should gather more wood, using your new stone axe. Although some trees may look different than others, all wood functions the same. However, different kinds of wood don't stack together. While you cut down trees, be sure to gather the saplings that fall. If you are cutting down oak trees, apples will also drop (see the trees page for more info.)

If the sun is still in the sky, explore around the immediate area (making sure you don't get lost), to try and find some coal. Coal has the same properties as charcoal, and can also be used to make coal blocks.
If you happen across a coal-like ore with tan specks in place of the black, you have found some iron. This material will be extremely useful for most of your Minecraft career, but don't worry about it now. If it is within easy access, go ahead and gather it (you will need to mine it with a stone pickaxe). If it's in a difficult-to-reach place, however, note its location and save it for later.