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While you are cutting down trees, you may happen across wild animals, such as chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, and rabbits. These animals are going to be your primary food source in the future. If you see a few, make sure there are more nearby before killing them. If you kill all of the animals in your area, starting animal farms in the future will be much more difficult. Be sure to save at least two of an animal for farming on day two.

All of the above-mentioned animals drop raw chicken, raw porkchop, raw beef, raw mutton, and raw rabbit, respectively. These foods are among the best food sources in Minecraft, but only after they're cooked (see the next section). If you must eat immediately, avoid eating raw chicken, as it might give you food poisoning. The other meats can be eaten raw safely, but won't feed you nearly as well as cooked meat.
If there are no nearby animals, be sure to be careful about hunger (as above, in order try to avoid getting hurt, fighting, jumping, sprinting, moving around too much.) You will have to wait to get food until you have a wheat farm, which doesn't come until day two.